Don't miss Ng'khokhele

Most people might know him as funny guy Okay_Wasabi but he’s George Mnguni on Ng’khokhele.

A brand new local and cutting-edge production which is the answer to all your uncle, friend and service providers who owes you money and other items not returned to you. George basically facilitates the confrontation between the wrong doers and the demanders.

Ng’khokhele is a reality intervention show where the assailant, who has perhaps been seen by the entire community, may turn against the victim and claim live on television that, they have never seen their counterpart, and therefore have no clue of the needs of the victim.


This show is of real people, real stories and real lives!

We meet Hlengiwe on episode 1, whose father is a pastor who paid R50 000 to a church member for land he never received. Episode 2 introduces us to Ralf, who lent his former friend Themba, a popular local DJ known as DJ Mdingo, R3000 back in 2018, which was never paid back.

Ng’khokhele dives in deep on each episode, exposing the deceit, showcasing the drama and unveiling real life people as they try to claim back what belongs to them.

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