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WEEK 1                                           

Echo Effect

Monday 4 January 8 PM

A Special Operative returns from duty to find his brother brutally slain. He vows to avenge the murder, but his investigation soon leads to a frightening conspiracy in the corridors of power. The men and women who are supposed to protect the people pose a serious threat to their safety.


What Doesn't Kill You

Wednesday 6 January 8PM

Friends since childhood, Brian (Mark Ruffalo) and Paulie (Ethan Hawke) do whatever it takes to survive in their hardscrabble South Boston neighborhood. Crime has always been part of their lives, and now they find themselves on the payroll of a hoodlum named Pat Kelly (Brian Goodman). While Brian sinks deeper into the criminal cesspool, Paulie plans one last heist, one that he hopes can pull them both out of their dead-end lives.


WEEK 2              

Beast Of Burden (This has changed from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

Monday 11 January 8PM

Pilot Sean Haggerty must deliver a shipment of cocaine across the U.S.-Mexican border for his final run as a drug smuggler. Alone in a small plane, he's faced with the burden of his allegiance to the cartel, his deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration and his increasingly tense relationship with his wife.


Far Cry

Thursday 14 January 8PM

Once a highly skilled Special Forces soldier, Jack Carver now makes a living on his boat by transporting people and cargo around the Pacific Ocean. One day, one of his passengers - ace reporter Valerie Constantine - embroils him in a perilous mission, where a ruthless geneticist Dr Krieger has been using a secluded destination to breed a genetically engineered species of super soldier.




Vigilante Chronicles

Monday 18 January 8PM

The Vigilante and his crew are Black Ops agents turned underground crime-fighters. When filmmaker Michael Hanover decides to document their exploits, he gets pulled into their chaotic world.


Winged Creatures

Wednesday 20 January 8PM

A group of strangers survive a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner, they go on to form a unique relationship.


American Made

Friday 22 January 8PM

Barry Seal, a commercial airline pilot, gets involved in drugs and arms smuggling while working for the CIA. Later, he turns into a government informant in order to escape his jail time.


WEEK 4                                           


Tuesday 26 January 8PM

Trapped in the desert after standing on a land mine, a US Marine sniper must single-handedly fight off the enemy while waiting more than two days for a convoy to rescue him.


River Runs Red 

Thursday 28 January 8PM

A vengeful judge takes the law into his own hands when two cops kill his young son during a routine traffic stop.

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