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Guddan a beautiful and kind young woman marries a billionaire chef, Akshat and with him inherits three daughters in law. They are all older and more experienced than her, but try their best, or so it seems, to help Guddan through marriage. Akshat is a no-nonsense family orientated widow who is trying to figure out if Guddan married him for love or money?

Each of their families have their own agenda but what started off as an arrangement could turn out to be the greatest and toughest love story that both Guddan and Akshat ever imagined. Can the hard-headed Akshat ever fall for the clumsy but sincere Guddan? Will he be able to get over his first wife, his first true love? Will Guddan stick around to save her marriage, or will her daughters-in-law succeed in getting rid of her? Watch Guddan this month to find out.

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