Rewind with classic comedies and heartwarming dramas.  Settle in for pure lekker nostalgia this month only on ePlesier!  

Ramo | (Weekdays) 20:50

The series tells the extraordinary story of Ramo, inspired by a real person, a man who goes against his superiors. It's a story that encompasses the deep conflicts of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love.


Kelders Van Geheime | (Weekdays) 11:30

Soebatskloof is a privately owned wine estate in the illustrious Cape Winelands. When its owner unexpectedly passes away and leaves the farm to the winemaker and not to his own children, an interesting change within the family dynamics unfolds. Entangled with love triangles and secrets centred around the cellar, which is the scene of another untimely death, a family drama unfolds as the harvest ferments in the barrels.


Stiletto Vendetta s2 | Premier: 13 May (Weekdays) 17:10 | Omnibus (Saturdays) 8:00

In Stiletto Vendetta Season 2, the investigation continues at full speed. We will learn what happened after Edip’s death and who the murderer is. However, new residents have come to confuse Sarmasik, wealthy ship owner Emre, and meat emperor Kerim, who Merve and Pelin have known before. New dark secrets and lies are revealed and the infinite rivalry between them will intensify


Annekan die Swa Kry s3 | Premier: 20 May  (Weekdays) 18:00 |  Omnibus (Sundays) 17:20

The story revolves around Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel, four siblings who lose their parents due to unfortunate circumstances and try to build their lives going forward with each other's support. Despite their ups and downs, they are always there for each other.