It’s all about the guys…

Whether you are selling or collecting, you will find great entertainment on eReality this September.  

Here is what you can look forward to:


Pawn Stars Season 1

Weekdays at 3:10 PM

Rick Harrison and his family own and run a pawn shop in Las Vegas. They purchase, sell and evaluate the antique items of the historic times.


Storage Wars S4

Weekdays at 3:35 PM

Storage unit auctions are the newest and biggest untapped source for hidden treasures, and opportunistic individuals bid on unclaimed properties hoping to strike gold. Welcome to Storage Wars.


Border Wars S4

Weekdays at 6:10 PM

Cameras follow the action along Arizona's Sonoran Desert, one of the busiest border crossings in the country, as officers and agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection fight terrorism, apprehend drug smugglers and intercept people entering the United States illegally. The programme also embeds with Customs and Border Protection, and with local law enforcement, as units patrol near and on the border in South Texas.


Man up with eReality this September, Openview channel 108