Killer clowns and paranormal nightmares😱

Killer clowns and paranormal nightmares are the order of the month on eReality Openview channel 108. Here is what you can look forward to this June:  


John Wayne Gacy: Killer Clown's Revenge S1

Fridays at 9:25 PM from 25 June

John Wayne Gacy is confident that he cannot be caught, even as he begins dumping bodies in the Des Plaines River outside of Chicago; one of Gacy's victims survives and returns to track him down.


My Paranormal Nightmare S1

Saturdays at 8:55PM from Sunday 26 June

Paranormal witnesses recount terrifying true tales of violent hauntings that have plagued their nightmares since childhood; now adults, they go back in time to the horrific encounters with compelling first-person testimonies.


Forensic Files S1 and 2

Weekdays at 8:55 PM

Eagle-eyed technical experts prove there is no such thing as a perfect crime as they assemble the pieces every criminal leaves behind. Dramatic crime re-creations and, sometimes, part of the investigations are a staple of the series. Some of the re-creations include alternate versions of the crimes, which are disproved by science. The show's episodes follow each case from the initial investigation until it reaches its legal resolution.


Snapped: She Made Me Do It  S1

Wednesdays at 9:25 PM

"Snapped" a true-crime series takes a look at cases involving women who are accused of murder. In "Snapped: She Made Me Do It," women are the supposed masterminds behind deadly acts, but aren't necessarily the ones accused of the crimes. As is customary with these types of shows, witness testimony, interviews with experts and dramatic reenactments are used to tell the story of each case. Viewers get both sides of the story in each case before finding out the jury's verdict. Romance is often at the core of the attacks.


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