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Twice my son in law launches in the Korean slot this July on eExtra


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Twice my son in law - Weekdays at 14:05


Twice my son in law is a South Korean drama series starring Yang Jin-sungSeo Ha-joon, Park Soon-chun and Jang Seung-jo. A romcom series staring Lee Jin-sook played by (Park Soon-chun) is a speaker on family happiness. However, she has a sad past. Years ago, she was kicked out of the house by her mother-in-law and was forced to be separated from her newborn daughter. She remarried, and when her second husband died 5 years later, she brought up her two young stepdaughters like her own.

She was against the marriage when her youngest stepdaughter Oh Yeong-chae (Lee Si-won) wanted to marry Kim Hyeon-tae (Seo Ha-joon), a rookie boxer and an orphan, but she relented. When Yeong-chae, who was involved in a hit-and-run accident, died after giving birth to a son, Jin-sook blamed and hated her son-in-law.

One day, Hyeon-tae falls in love with a woman named Park Soo-kyeong (Yang Jin-sung). Jin-sook, who is unhappy with Soo-kyeong, finds out that Soo-kyeong is her real daughter. Although she is eager to reunite with Soo-kyeong, she is in a dilemma as Soo-kyeong hates her birth mother for abandoning her. Hyeon-tae finally marries Soo-kyeong, but it also causes conflicts.



Indian and Korean Telenovelas



Naagin Season 5 - Weekdays at 16:45pm


A miraculous shape-shifting snake has the power to become a human. She can be anybody she wants: a wife, a seductress, a mistress, a damsel in distress--all in the name of revenge.

The story starts 10,000 years ago when eagles had the power to shape-shifting but naags, naagins didn't. When the eagles attacked the snakes to obtain Naagmani, Lord Shiva blessed the shape-shifting ability to snakes and named the first naagin to get this power, Naageshwari - Sarvashreshth Aadi Naagin.

She was in love with a naag named Hriday while the prince of eagles, Akesh falls in love with her despite the enmity between the clans. Akesh plots to attack the snakes and get Naagmani.

He enters the Temple with his force and kills Hriday with his army. However, he is killed by Naageshwari after which she is cursed by Lord Shiva for failing to protect other serpents but also gets boon to return after 10,000 years.

She kills herself to return to unite with her lover after 10,000 years. Naageshwari's soul was trapped in the temple since years due to the curse. On completing the story, Dev is brought back to life and he reunites with Brinda. The two return. Naageshwari's soul submits the Naagmani to the Rahasmayee (Mysterious) Temple. According to the condition of Lord Shiva, Naageshwari has to take rebirth to complete her love story but the history was set to change this time.



Twist of fate - Weekdays at 15:15pm


The series follows the story of Arora sisters Pragya and Bulbul, and their mother Sarla Arora's who hopes to see them married.

Pragya gets married to a rockstar, Abhishek "Abhi" Mehra while Bulbul gets married to Abhi's friend, Purab. Bulbul sadly dies. Abhi and Pragya's married life continues with several challenges. Abhi blames Pragya for his Dadi's death and they get separated.

A month later, Sid and Rhea are now divorced. Ranbir turns out to be a successful businessman whereas Sushma who is Pragya's mentor tries to console a heartbroken Prachi. Prachi decides to move on and focus on her career with Sushma's help but gets to know that she is pregnant with Ranbir's child. However, Rhea and Ranbir get married illegally as Ranbir thinks Prachi has moved on. Prachi witnesses their wedding and decides to fight for her self-esteem. For this she returns back to the Kohli House to regain her right as Ranbir's legal wife and to throw Rhea out.



Beyhadh Season 2 - Weekdays at 4:05pm


Maya Jaisingh, internationally best-selling author, plans to destroy her biggest enemy Mrityunjay "MJ" Roy, to avenge the atrocities committed by him 10 years ago. She plans to get revenge from those who betrayed her using Rudra and Rishi, MJ’s sons.

Maya starts by saving Rishi from drowning, who falls for her while she tricks Rudra to accept her offer to publish her latest book, Beyhadh. Rudra takes an instant dislike to Maya. Elsewhere Maya manipulates Rishi to propose to her. Rudra's business partner, Ananya, loves him, but he considers her only as a friend.

MJ's facade of a loving husband is exposed when he threatens and mistreats Antara. He invites Rudra's investor to his Masquerade party, but Rajiv Chandra, Maya's accomplice, introduces himself as the investor, saving Maya. Elsewhere, Rudra falls for Maya after she helps him get his company's share from MJ. It is revealed that MJ had an affair with Rudra's girlfriend. Thus he hates him.



Kindred Hearts- Weekdays at 4:35pm


Aditya Jindal has a troubled marriage with the selfish Nisha Verma but remains with her for their daughters Chinni and Binni as well as his family who think highly of Nisha. Later, Jhanvi Agarwal enters Aditya's life. As a deep bond develops between Jhanvi and Aditya, he turns to her for support in ending his marital problems for good.

Soon they expose Nisha's true colors and realize their feelings for each other. Aditya divorces Nisha. Jhanvi and Aditya get married. Chinni and Binni accept Jhanvi. However, Aditya and Jhanvi's happiness is short-lived as Nisha takes revenge by killing them near Kuldevi Temple. Later they are reincarnated as Jiya and Arjun.