Prescription for Laughter: Dr. Ken Returns to eSERIES on November 14th!

eSERIES is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of Dr. Ken. This fan-favorite comedy series is back to deliver another round of laughter, heartwarming moments, and hilarious mishaps. Starting on November 14th, prepare to join the lovable Dr. Ken Park for a prescription of pure comedy that's sure to cure your daily blues.

Dr. Ken is the brainchild of the talented Ken Jeong, known for his memorable roles in "The Hangover" and "Community." In this side-splitting series, he portrays Dr. Ken Park, a physician with a peculiar bedside manner and a knack for turning every medical situation into an opportunity for laughter.

The show brilliantly combines the chaos of the medical world with the zany antics of Dr. Ken's colleagues, quirky patients, and his own loving but often exasperated family. His wife, Allison, is played by Suzy Nakamura, and their smart and sassy kids, Dave and Molly, are portrayed by Albert Tsai and Krista Marie Yu, respectively. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of family life, all while Dr. Ken attempts to maintain his professional composure.

What sets Dr. Ken apart is its perfect blend of humor and heart. While it offers a steady stream of belly laughs and witty one-liners, it also delves into relatable family dynamics and the everyday struggles of balancing work and home life. Dr. Ken's endearing character and his ability to find humor in the mundane make him a lovable and memorable sitcom personality.

Whether you're a fan of medical comedies, family sitcoms, or simply in need of a good laugh, Dr. Ken is the perfect prescription. It offers sharp writing, uproarious performances, and heartwarming moments that guarantee a delightful viewing experience.