Sommerdahl Moorde

eExtra -Sunday, 14th April 20:00

Detective Chief Inspector Dan Sommerdahl is a dedicated investigator based in the charming Danish coastal town of Helsingør. Alongside his trusted partner, Detective Flemming Torp, and his wife, Marianne, who specialises in criminal forensics, Dan is confronted with a series of shocking murders plaguing their previously tranquil community. 

But, as they work tirelessly to solve the gruesome crimes, Marianne expresses her desire for a divorce, and Dan is confronted with the heartbreaking realisation that his closest confidant, Flemming, has become his rival for her affection. Despite the personal turmoil, the trio must set aside their differences to collaborate in solving intricate crimes that test their skills to the limit. And Dan faces the ultimate challenge of balancing his duty to serve justice while his own personal life unravels. 


Sommerdahl Moorde launches Sunday, 14th April at 8 PM on eExtra.