Pick of the Week

We have picked the best movies to keep you entertained on eMoves Openview channel 106 this November


WEEK 1              


The Ottoman Lieutenant

Tuesday 05 January 8PM

A woman runs away from home and joins Doctor Jude, who works within the Ottoman Empire. She falls in love with an enemy, a lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army, and has to make a decision.


Cook Off

Thursday 07 January 8PM

Yearning for a better life, a single mother with a passion for cooking gets a shot at greatness when her son enters her into a top reality cooking show.


Angriest Man In Brooklyn

Friday 08 January 8PM

Henry Altmann is always angry and unhappy. However, when he learns that he may die in 90 minutes due to a brain aneurysm, he tries to make peace with his friends and family.



Pastor Brown

Tuesday 12 January 8PM

Jesse's exotic-dancing career ends after she returns home to her dying father and reluctantly agrees to his last wish: that she take over as head of Mount Olive Baptist Church. The decision pits her against the leadership of the church and her sister, but by accepting the position, she can finally reconnect with her family and her teenage son.


A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Wednesday 13 January 8PM

Worried that her next asthma attack may kill her, a woman (Whoopi Goldberg) tries to solve the problems of her estranged husband (Ving Rhames) and their four adult children.


Baby Mama      

Friday 15 January 8PM

A successful single woman hires a surrogate mother to bear her child when she discovers she is infertile. But she is forced to take the woman into her home when she finds that she is homeless.



Go For Sisters

Tuesday 19 January 8PM

With help from a former detective (Edward James Olmos) and an old friend (Yolonda Ross), a parole officer (LisaGay Hamilton) tries to find her missing son (McKinley Belcher III).



Wednesday 20 January 8PM

Elelwani is a 2012 South African drama film directed by Ntshavheni wa Luruli. It won awards for Achievement in Production Design and Best Actress in a Leading Role for Masebe at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards.




Mystery Date

Monday 25 January 8PM

Teenage Tom McHugh (Ethan Hawke) is madly in love with his ravishing next-door neighbor, Geena Matthews (Teri Polo), but becomes hopelessly tongue-tied whenever she's around. When his parents go away on an impromptu road trip, his suave law student brother shows up and begins coaching Tom on how to pick up women. Things are going great until Tom discovers a body in the trunk of his brother's car, and his perfect date with Geena takes multiple turns for the worse


Hidden Figures

Wednesday 27 January 8PM

Three female African-American mathematicians play a pivotal role in astronaut John Glenn's launch into orbit. Meanwhile, they also have to deal with racial and gender discrimination at work.



Friday 29 January 8PM

Two secret agents who have a history face each other after a gap of five years in the capacity of industrial spies. The game heats up when one of their employers announces the launch of a product.


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