Openview Connect Giveaway





I agree and undertake that I shall be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions for entry to the Openview Connect Dongle Competition. That in the event that I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of entry for any reason that my entry shall not be eligible and shall be disqualified from the Competition.


Terms and Conditions of Entry


1.       In order to be able to enter the Competition and to be eligible to comply with the terms and conditions of entry. It is a condition that the person must be a resident of the Republic of South Africa and Eighteen/18 years of age or older.


2.       Any person who is an employee of any of the following companies eMedia Investments/ and OCHRE Studios, Quizzical Pictures, Herbvision Pictures and Grapevine Productions and/or any other agent, promoter and/or other person connected with the Competition and/or a member of their family shall not be allowed to enter the Competition and shall be ineligible to participate. If any such person should enter then they will be automatically disqualified.


3.       eMedia Investments/ shall be entitled at its sole discretion to declare that any entry is not to be entered for the Openview Connect Dongle Giveaway and is disqualified (whether or not the answer is correct.) In such event eMedia Investments/ shall not be obliged to the person who has entered of their disqualification nor shall it be obliged to provide a reason for its decision.


4.       All decisions of eMedia Investments/ shall be final and eMedia Investments/ shall not enter into any correspondence, dialogue and/or otherwise with any person regarding any aspect of the Competition.


5.       All entries must be original, and not abusive, defamatory, offensive, derogatory, degrading and/or otherwise not acceptable due to the nature of the material submitted.


6.       eMedia Investments/ may at its sole discretion decide that any entry is not eligible due to the nature of the content of the entry and may disqualify a person from the Competition and any such future events.


Prize(s) and Duration of Competition


7.        The prize(s) shall consist of:

            7.1. A total of fifty Openview Connect Dongles with an allocation of free data. One person may only win up to one Openview Connect Dongle. 

            7.2. Prize delivery can take up to 30 workings days after the winner announcement.


7.3 Allocation of Free Data:


7.3.1. Data allocated will NOT be transferrable to another number, the data allocated can only be used on the number associated with the Openview Connect Dongle

7.3.2. Data is only valid for seven days.

7.3.3. Data allocated will be once-off, if a customer recharge with R29, they will be allocated with free data once off valid for seven days, if the same customer recharges again with R29, they will not qualify for the data allocation again

7.3.4. The data allocation will be applicable to the 50 selected customers who win an Openview data dongle and recharging with R29 as part of the competition

7.3.5.  The data allocated as part of the competition with recharge criteria of R29 will be consumed first.

7.3.6.  If a customer does not recharge with R29, they will not qualify for the promotional data allocation.

7.3.7. The data will be allocated within 7 days of activating the dongle. Activation of the dongle means -  Rica the supplied SIM card with the dongle. 


8.       The Competition starts on 7 March 20201 and ends on the day of the winner announcements.


Cost and Method of Entry


9.       There is no entry cost. However, all costs incurred by you to the entry are your personal responsibility. There are no refunds for any entries, which are received by eMedia Investments/ which are ineligible and/or after the deadline. Only the following methods of entry to the Competition will be accepted by eMedia Investments/ via the post on the Official Openview Social Media Pages page.


10.      By participating in the competition and confirming your acceptance of the terms and conditions of entry. Viewers can enter as many times as they want to. All entries must be completed by the deadline. All persons who enter by this method must have the permission of the person in whose name the computer or any other electronic media device is held and/or who pays the bill. Once an entry is made, participants can deem entry as valid.


11.      No responsibility can be accepted by eMedia Investments/ for any entries which are incomplete, are delayed beyond the deadlines, fail to arrive, are illegible, do not arrive and/or for any other reason are not received by the deadline and/or are ineligible.


12.      No responsibility can be accepted by eMedia Investments/ for the cost and/or charges incurred in respect of any entries. eMedia Investments/ shall not be liable for any reason to any person who may enter the Competition and each person enters at their own risk and cost.


Prize Winners


13.      The winning entries will be selected on merit by eMedia Investments/ and winners will be announced by 14th March 2021.


14.      There shall be no independent supervision of the Competition and all decisions are at the sole discretion of eMedia Investments/


15.      The decision of eMedia Investments/ as to the winners of the Competition shall be final.


16.      No entrant can be awarded more than one prize per competition.


17.      The winners will be notified by direct messaging on the social media platform that they entered within the timescale specified unless eMedia Investments/ decides at its sole discretion that the timescale for notification needs to be extended for any reason.


18.      Any prize has to be accepted and taken by the person who is awarded the prize within 30 working days of the winner announcement. After that date, no prize shall be available to that person and at eMedia Investments/, sole discretion, another eligible person may be selected for the prize.

 The prize winner has 48 hours to respond from the first contact, thereafter eMedia Investments/eTV may contact a new winner.


19.      The prize can only be awarded and/or taken by the person whose name is provided at the time of prize confirmation of the Competition. There is no cash available as an alternative to any prize should the prize winner not want the awarded prize, nor is eMedia Investments/ obliged to exchange and/or transfer any prize to another person.


Changes to Terms and Conditions of Entry and Prizes


20.      eMedia Investments/ reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw and/or substitute any prize at any time for any reason. eMedia Investments/ may replace and/or substitute any prize with any products, goods, services and/or cash which it decides is appropriate in the circumstances.


21.      eMedia Investments/ may at any time decide to change, cancel, amend, vary, delete, add to, and/or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of entry, the prizes and/or any other part of the Competition. eMedia Investments/ shall not be required to send a separate notification to each person who has and/or may enter the Competition. It shall be sufficient that details shall be available on the social media platforms and telephonically.


Assignment and Moral Rights


22.      It is a condition of entry that the person entering the Competition agrees and undertakes to assign to eMedia Investments/ the sole and exclusive intellectual property rights including copyright whether in existence now and/or created in the future and any other rights in all media throughout the world and universe in all the material entered for the Competition (except their personal details) [including but limited to any text, film, photograph, and/or otherwise] for the full period of copyright and any extensions and/or renewals and in perpetuity.



23.      eMedia Investments/ shall have the right to assign, licence and/or commercially exploit the material in any form and the person shall not be entitled to receive any sums. No rights of any nature shall be retained by the person who entered the Competition.


24.      The person who entered the Competition waives the right to be identified as the author of the material submitted for the Competition. It is agreed that eMedia Investments/ may be credited as the copyright owner and may assign, licence and/or commercially exploit the material in any form and the person shall not be entitled to receive any sums.


Personal Information


25.      The personal details which have been submitted for the Competition will be held by the eMedia Investments/ This information will only be shared with third parties involved with the Competition for the administration of the Competition and/or the supply and delivery of the prizes. The personal details will only be held for 24 months (2 years) from the date of competition entry and will then be destroyed and/or deleted.


Force Majeure and Law


26.      Where for any reason beyond the reasonable control of eMedia Investments/ the Competition cannot be carried out and/or completed as planned and/or advertised. Then eMedia Investments/ reserves the right to cancel the Openview Connect Dongle Competition at any time and in such event shall not be liable to any person for any reason who may have entered the Openview Connect Dongle Competition. The total liability if any such be the cost of the postage, email, and/or text, which in any event shall be the participant’s responsibility.


27.      The terms and conditions of this Competition shall be subject to the Laws of The Republic of South Africa.




28.      Winners shall have their names and prizes published on eMedia Investments/Openview digital platforms.


29.      All entrants agree to the following publicity and marketing: [Online/social media platforms/ on-air platforms].


Contact Details of Company


30.      The contact details of the Company are 5 Summit Road, Dunkeld West 011 537 9300 or [email protected]