Press release

Afrikaans-Turkish Favourites now on one channel

The pleasure is all yours ... imagine the thrill of first kisses, the anguish and triumphs of proud families, heartache, burning desire, and heart-stopping adventure, all rendered with beautiful music and breath- taking scenery. Imagine all your favourite Afrikaans-Turkish programmes in one place for never-ending viewing all day long.

ePlesier launches on 18 April on Openview and will showcase your most loved Turkish Telenovelas dubbed in Afrikaans on one channel. So much to choose from - the delight and pleasure are endless. Old-time favourites like Gebroke Harte, Bittersoet, and Stiletto Vendetta will be available on ePlesier Channel 112.

If you missed your weekday shows, be sure to catch the Omnibus on Saturdays and Sundays for marathon catch-up sessions.

Fall in love with Kurt & Shura, experience the thrilling action in Die Put, Vierspel Vuurspel ... ePlesier promises to thrill and entertain you all day long. Available from 18 April on Openview channel 112.