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eNews & Sport comes to an end

Openview Channel 120 eNews & Sport comes to an end

The eNews & Sport Channel (Channel 120) will no longer be available from midnight on 31 March 2022. Viewers can still see their favourite Premier League games and selected sport on eReality (Channel 108). eReality is a lifestyle and entertainment channel with an addictive edge.

Openview will be launching new channels soon - the first exciting addition being eXposed. This brand-new vibrant, thought-provoking channel launches on Monday, 4 April 2022. eXposed is a raw and unfiltered, food, music, art, and entertainment channel. The channel features content that will not only push boundaries but go beyond conventional television while sparking inclusive conversations entertainingly. It’s pacey, vibrant, full of energy, and totally on par with the voice of a young, opinionated, motivated, and inspired generation. “It’s the channel you’ll want to leave on all day”.