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There is something for everyone on Zee One this July!

For our Telenovela lovers look out for our series The Vow and we haven’t forgotten about our avid foodies we have a brand-new cooking show just for you; Indian Food Classics

Whilst we pride ourselves on telling love stories which have happy endings and leave us feeling fuzzy and warm on the inside, our channel also offers series which deal with real life traumas, deception, betrayal and depicts the realities of our societies.  The Vow is one such series which will have you at the edge of your seat.

Many people assume that cooking Indian food is complicated and mastering it requires years of expertise.  Indian food is the divine synthesis of aroma and sophisticated flavours all while remaining true to its roots.    

The whiff of the spices when cooking one of our recipes after a long day at work is sure to put a smile on your face.  So, what are you waiting for? Got a craving for finger-licking Indian food? Watch Indian Food Classics on Zee One!



Daily @ 9pm

Marriage has the potential to enrich spouses’ lives and add to gratification of

life. Nevertheless, marriages can also cause distress, put a strain on partners,

and sometimes even cause harm (Hassouneh-Phillips  2001). However, it  has

become dicult in our present society for marriages with no solid foundation

Marriage has the potential to enrich spouses’ lives and add to gratification of life. Marriages can also cause distress, put a strain on partners, and sometimes even cause mental breakdown.

With an ever-changing society it has become difficult in our present society for marriages especially ones with no solid foundation and ones based on deception.

Zee One this July brings you a series which deals with marriage, deception, love and loyalty.


The Vow is the story of Vidya, a simple village girl who’s brought up with love and comes from a humble background. She marries Sagar Thakur, a son of a wealthy family. Their fairy-tale wedding turns into a nightmare when Vidya discovers, that Sagar has the mind of an 8-year-old, caused by an accident that nearly claimed his life. Sagar doesn’t understand Vidya's role in his life.

Her sister-in-law makes her life a living hell and her husband can’t protect her. The submissive Vidya is lost in the jungle of an unwanted relationship and love not returned.

Will Vidya fulfil her vow of being Sagar’s wife and win the acceptance of the Thakur family?

Catch this riveting series on Zee One daily at 9pm on Openview channel 111

The Vow Awards

2014 Gold Award - Best Actor won by Mohit Malik

2015 ITA Award – Best Villain – Mohit Malik


Indian Food Classics

Coming soon 17 July @ 17h30

Watching movies and series with family at home is a classic way to enjoy family time. But a movie or a series without snacks is no fun.

 Chef Pankaj Bhadouria shares snack recipes that will make your mouth drool. She explores India’s cultural diversity with age-old recipes that have been passed on from generations to generations.   

Winning over millions of hearts with her affectionate and approachable personality, Chef Pankaj will showcase the savouring food made with utmost love and warmth.  She highlights how the recipes on this show are classic and traditional and even easier to prepare with ingredients commonly available in every household and sometimes from the garden.

Indian Food Classics focuses on using fewer ingredients, optimizing their utility without compromising on the taste.