Openview FAQs

1. What do I get with Openview?

Local and international channels including Series, Entertainment, premium Kids & Learning channels, 24-hour A-grade blockbuster Movies, Bollywood, Reality, Sports, and News. Currently over 18 channels + 9 radio channels*, including your favourite SABC 1, 2, 3 and with (now in HD).

*Openview will, from time to time, add or remove channels to enhance our offering to our viewers. 


2. How much will Openview equipment cost me?

Openview decoder prices start at R699 at leading retail stores nationwide, which is ideal if you already have a satellite dish on IS-20 satellite (pointing North-East). If you require a dish and decoder with installation, you can purchase an Openview decoder with an installation voucher (includes dish and installation).


3. What if I already have a satellite dish?

If you already have a working satellite dish on IS-20 satellite (same as DSTV), you just need to buy the Openview decoder, plug it in and activate. If you have a working satellite dish not connected to the IS-20 satellite – an Openview accredited installer can be booked to reposition your dish for you. The recommended dish size in RSA is 85cm. You can go to our website to find an Openview accredited installer


4. What if I don’t have a satellite dish?

If you have bought a decoder but have no satellite dish, you will need to contact an installer to install a dish and activate your decoder. You will pay an installer for a dish and installation (excludes decoder) OR buy a decoder with an installation voucher (includes dish and installation) from Checkers Hyper. Call the number on the voucher inside the box to book an installation. 


5. How do I find an Openview Installer?

Find an installer in your area or visit the installer page on our website at to locate your nearest installer. Or you can contact our call centre on 0861 696843 for assistance. You can also book an installer through one of the following Openview distributors: 


Space TV: (086) 140 4142

Switch: (086) 0 79 4824

Ellies: (086) 135 5437


6. Will I have to buy a new TV set?

No, you will not have to replace your current TV. Openview is compatible with all TV sets, both SD and HD, old and new. 


7. Can I keep my DStv and also have Openview?

Yes, two decoders can be connected to a single TV using a dual LNB (call your local installer to assist).


8. Do I need an Openview decoder for every TV set in my house?

Every TV set needs its own Openview decoder to view different channels simultaneously.


9. Can you watch Openview anywhere in South Africa?

Openview has 100% coverage across South Africa. You will get a clear quality picture no matter where you live in SA.


10. Where can I buy Openview?

Openview is available nationwide at the leading retailers listed on our website, including Game, PEP, Pick n Pay Hyper, OK Furniture, House & Home, Makro, Fair Price, Checkers Hyper, Ackermans, Hi-Fi Corporation, Cash Crusaders and Jet Mart. See Get Openview for more information.


11. Do I need a TV License to buy Openview?

No, you do not need a TV licence to buy and watch Openview.


12. How do I subscribe to Openview?

You do not need to subscribe to Openview because it is free - there are no monthly fees and no contracts.  All you need is to buy an Openview decoder and satellite dish.


13. What if I live in an apartment complex, or block of flats?

Multi-unit dwellings that are already receiving DStv will be able to receive Openview channels. You can speak to your body corporate/Landlord or, our Openview distributors, and installers will be able to assist further with advice for first-time installations. You can book an installer through one of the following Openview distributors: 

Space TV: (086) 140 4142

Switch: (086) 0 79 4824

Ellies: (086) 135 5437


14. What if I move house?

You can take your Openview decoder with you. You may also choose to take the satellite dish with you or have a new one installed. In which case, you would require assistance from an installer.


15. Can I get Openview outside of South Africa?

Openview and have not received licenses to operate in other countries yet, therefore the Openview decoder cannot be sold in countries outside of South Africa.


16. Will there be charges later on?

There are no charges currently or future on the Openview satellite platform. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly subscriptions, and no contracts. 


17. Where can I find the TV guide?

Press the "EPG or GUIDE" button on your remote to see the 8-day TV guide.   You can also refer to the Openview website and view a 7-day TV guide there.


18. How do I use the parental control function?

Parents can lock programmes that are not suitable for their children to watch by choosing an appropriate “Lock Level”, depending on the parental guidance rating of the programme, and by following these steps using the remote control:

Press the “menu” button

Go to “settings”

Select “Parental Control” and then select the lock level you want.


19. How do I reset my parental control pin?

If you have forgotten your parental control pin, please use your mobile phone to dial *120*6843*1#Select option 3. Then follow the service instructions.


20. How can I become an installer?

Any accredited installer is authorised to install Openview. Contact one of the following distributors to find out more about installer training and accreditation.

Space TV: (086) 140 4142

Switch: (086) 0 79 4824

Ellies: (086) 135 5437


21. How can I have my channel on your bouquet?

Please put your Channel proposal in an MS Word/ PDF format and send it to [email protected]. The Channels Acquisition department will get in contact with you.


22. How can I have my programme on your channel?

We only provide a platform for channels and do not control their channel content. Kindly look at the list of channels we have on the Openview bouquet on our website, see which channel would be the best fit for your idea, and then approach the specific channel directly with your proposal.


23. Where do I take my decoder for repairs?

If your decoder is faulty, you need to return it to the retail store where you purchased it. One year warranty will apply on the decoder only when you provide proof of purchase to the retail store or contact our call centre for support.  Call centre - 0861 696 843


24. What is the guarantee that there will not be subscription fees in the future?

Apart from the word of, a trusted brand, the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (CPA), safeguards viewers.


25. Which channels are in HD?  

We currently have several channels that air HD content, including, eToonz, eReality, eExtra, eMovies, eMovies Extra, StarLife, and SABC Sports. 


1. Is the Open PVR stick compatible with all Openview decoder models?

No, Open PVR is only compatible with the latest Openview decoder models KSTB2143,
NA9200, and DSD4165.
2. Which decoder models do not have PVR functionality?

All the old legacy decoders do not have PVR functionality.


3. How do I activate the Open PVR for Openview?

• Insert the Open PVR stick into the USB port of the decoder.
• A popup screen will appear "Storage for PVR"
• Select "OK"
• Please wait until the PVR stick is configured, and PVR functionality is enabled successfully.

4. Can the Openview decoder work without an Open PVR stick?

The decoder without the Open PVR stick will not have PVR functionality, but will still work as a standard Openview decoder.

5. What memory sizes are available for the Open PVR sticks?

32GB and 64GB.

6. How much content will I be able to store on the Open PVR stick?

32GB = 8hrs of HD content; 64GB = 18hrs of HD content.

7. Will a regular USB stick purchased in retail work as PVR on the Openview decoder?

No, Only USB sticks with an Open PVR logo, purchased from our retail partners, will be able to work as PVR.

8. Can I record content on one particular Openview decoder and play the content back on another Openview decoder?

No, recorded content will only playback on the same Openview decoder on which it was originally recorded.

9. Can I use my USB stick on another Openview decoder?

Yes, this is only applicable for recording new content. You cannot play content recorded on another decoder. It is recommended that you format the Open PVR stick first if it was used on another decoder.

10. Can I record content on a particular Openview decoder and play the content back on a Laptop, PC, or any other media device?

No, content is encrypted and, as such, cannot be viewed on any other media device or PC.

11. Can I record two channels and watch one channel?

No, you can only record one channel and watch another channel.

12. Where can I buy the Open PVR stick?

The Open PVR stick can be purchased from PEP, Pick n Pay Hyper, Dion Wired, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture, House & Home, and Makro and any of our retail partners.

13. What is the recommended retail launch price for the Open PVR sticks?

32GB Open PVR Stick will be sold at R199 at launch, and 64GB will be sold at R299 at launch.

14. Can I record all the channels?

Not at the moment. All the channels except the SABC channels can be recorded, as there is currently no agreement with SABC.

15. How do the PVR Remote buttons work?

Remote PVR

16. How do I set up a recording schedule ahead of time?

• Press the Guide button to display the EPG screen.
• Using the Record button on the RCU, you can immediately record.
• Using the Direction Keys on the RCU, you can page through the EPG to select program you require to record.

17. Can I record events or programs starting at the same time or overlapping?

No, The decoder will prompt you to confirm which recording you would like to continue with.
For example, if you set record 1, to start at 13:00 till 14:00, and at 13:55 you start a new recording, the decoder will prompt you, asking to confirm if you would like to end the current recording.

18. How do I access my recordings or playlist?

• Press the "OPT" Button OR “PVR” button depending on the model.                         
• Press the Menu button.
• Press Left or Right button to find Media.
• Press OK Button.

19. How do I delete content I have already viewed?

• Press the Menu button, Scroll to Media, Recordings.
• Press the Yellow button on the RCU.
• The STB will prompt the user for action.

20. How do I monitor the amount of unused memory capacity on the PVR stick?

• Press the Menu button, Scroll to Media, Recordings.

21. For how long can I pause live TV?

15min maximum

22. Can I schedule multiple recordings using the TV Guide?

Yes, ensure that the programmes do not overlap.

23. What happens if I do not see the future TV programs on the TV Guide?

• Users can set up a recording from the Channel Banner, and Program Guide in case they can find future TV programs on the TV Guide.

• Or Call the OpenView Call Centre 0861 698 843

24. Can I still watch my recordings even when the satellite dish is not working?

Yes, as long as the content was recorded on the very same decoder.

Errors/Signal Problems

The following errors can be cleared by following the easy steps below:

(206) (69) - ACCESS DENIED 

If you receive any of these onscreen notifications, you will need to reactivate your decoder or clear errors:

1. Go to channel 100.
2. Dial the number (*120*6843*1#) on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen using a cell phone.
3. Select option 2 to cleat error codes and follow prompts.

If you receive any of these onscreen notifications, you will need to follow these steps to restore your signal.

1. Disconnect the power and LNB (Dish) cables that are connected to your Openview decoder.
2. Once both cables have been removed from the decoder, reinsert the LNB cable first, followed by the power supply cable, and wait for the decoder to reboot automatically.
3. When the decoder has restarted, check to see whether any visuals are appearing on the screen. 

If all your channels have been restored, you can now enjoy your Openview viewing.

If you can only see channel 100, you will need to reactivate your decoder:
Press the ‘HELP’ button on your Openview remote control to display the help screen.
Your STB number will then be displayed on the help screen. Please write this number down.

Dial the number on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen using a cell phone and follow the prompts. Use your STB number to complete your decoder activation.
Your decoder may reboot and update its software during the activation. Please allow a few minutes for this.

If you have no channels, press the HELP button on your Openview remote to check your signal strength and quality levels. These levels can be found at the bottom of the help screen. 

The strength and quality levels need to be above 75% for you to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. If the signal strength and quality still appear as 0%, then follow the steps on page 16 or 18 of your decoder’s user manual to do a factory reset so the device can be reset to its original settings. (This step is not necessary for brand new decoders, as they will still be on the factory settings). If the signal strength and quality are still 0%, then you have to call your nearest installer found on our website:


Even though DStv and Openview use the same IS20 Satellite, they use different transponders/frequencies. Check the connector on the LNB cable and if it is inserted correctly and is tight at the back of the decoder. An installer may need to reposition your dish and LNB. Please note installers operate independently and charge extra for their services.


When it rains heavily the satellite signal is affected and there may be signal problems due to a phenomenon called rain fade.  The picture on the Openview decoder will break up. This problem will go away once the rain has subsided or stopped. We advise viewers who have lost their Openview signal due to rain to wait for the rain to stop, before contacting an installer. Please note installers operate independently and charge extra for their services. 

For further help, WhatsApp 082966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843.



If your decoder has lost signal, please complete a factory reset. Once done - follow instructions for the LNB type change settings. The factory reset will reset the settings of the decoder model. 



Clear On-Screen Errors

If you are experiencing on-screen errors, you can clear these from your mobile phone. To do this:-

1. Dial the number on your mobile phone *120*6843*1#

 2. Select option 2 to clear error codes 

3. Enter your area postal code or city postal code

4. Select  option 1

5. Select 1-4 depending on your error message

6. Please enter your STB number

7. Process complete. Please wait 5 - 10 minutes for the error message to be cleared.

Openview Connect FAQs

1. Openview Connect Data Dongle is only compatible with the latest Openview decoder models (NA9200; KSTB2143 & KSTB2148):


2.Where do I find my decoder model number?

The Model Number can be seen on a sticker beneath the decoder OR by pressing the "HELP" button to display "OV System Information".


3. What are the features of Openview Connect?

  • 2.4GHz Home WiFi Hotspot
  • 4G (LTE) fast internet - Enjoy up to 150 Mb/s speed
  • USB hub hosts both Openview WiFi Data Dongle and PVR Stick
  • Connect up to 10 devices at once
  • View full dashboard on your Set-Top-Box – check data balance and recharge

4. How do I connect the Openview Connect Data Dongle?

  1. Connect the Power Adaptor to the “Openview Hub”.
  2. Turn the Set-Top-Box "off"
  3. Insert the USB Cable into the Set-Top-Box.
  4. Insert the “Openview Data Dongle” into the USB of the “Openview Hub”.
  5. Turn the Set-Top-Box "on"
  6. Go to the Wi-Fi Hotspot dashboards from the settings menu on your Set-Top-Box.
  7. Open the Wi-Fi Hotspot status page on your Set-Top-Box, and recharge with data. Connect with your smart devices and enjoy home internet.            


The RICA Process


1. What is required to RICA?

  • Openview Connect User Manual instructions.
  • Starter pack barcode ICCID SIM number.
  • Green SA ID book, Smart ID card or Passport (Drivers licence is not accepted).
  • Valid residential address.

For any further information on how to RICA, please contact the Vodacom customer care line on 082 135, or go to for Help & Support.


2. Can customers authorise someone else to register for them?

No, as this is face-to-face registration it must be done by the RICA’d person. A parent can however RICA register the entire family’s SIMs in their name.


3. Does the application use my data?

The application is zero rated for Vodacom users, meaning that it does not use your personal data when you are busy using it.


4. How do I know that my SIM card is successfully RICA'd?

Vodacom sends a sms to the number that was used to process the Self RICA.

Once validation is successful, the SIM card inserted in the Dongle will activate and the new Vodacom mobile number will show on the "Home Network Status" page of the dashboard, found under the Settings menu of the remote.

The customer should allow 30 minutes for the RICA process to complete.


5. How do I know if my SIM card is not successfully RICA'd?

Vodacom sends a sms to the number that was used to process the Self Rica.

The LED light on the Dongle will remain red.

For any further information on how to RICA, please contact the Vodacom customer care line on 082 135, or go to for Help & Support.