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Living Lekka’s father-daughter duo takes to television with new show, Ja, Daddy Kan Lekka Eet

20 May 2023

Grab your aprons and prepare your senses as eExtra’s new cooking show!

Grab your aprons and prepare your senses as eExtra’s new cooking show, Ja, Daddy Kan Lekka Eet sizzles onto your screens, serving up a delectable blend of family bonding, mouthwatering dishes, and humorous moments that'll leave you craving more.

Ja, Daddy Kan Lekka Eet stars father-daughter duo Yusuf and Thameenah Daniels who will be cooking up a storm every Sunday at 18:00 starting 26 May. Thameenah is a fresh graduate from Stellenbosch University’s Journalism Honours program. Yusuf is a full-time author with four published books to his name.22-year-old Thameenah takes centre stage in the kitchen, sharing her culinary expertise with her dad while cooking various dishes inspired by her Cape Malay and Indian roots. The delightful dishes are fun twists on traditional meals and at the end of the meal, the duo plays a game to decide who is doing the dishes.

When asked what viewers can expect from the show, Yusuf said: “They can expect fun, laughter and great cooking.” Thameenah hopes that viewers “find this show as a comfort to them, a way to unwind after a long day and just be thoroughly entertained”.

“My main goal for the outcome of Ja, daddy kan lekka eet is to put smiles on people’s faces,” says Thameenah.

In each episode, Yusuf and Thameenah invite special guests to share in the lekka food. The

guest list features a diverse mix of personalities, from TV chef and author Gadija Sydow to

comedian Marc Lottering and social media influencer Rasheeqah Karriem-Hock. But it’s not just about the stars! There are also guests from the family’s inner circle, including Yusuf and Thameenah’s cherished cleaner, Jessie Rungwende, as well as Yusuf’s other children, Dariyah and Daanyaal Daniels. But this show isn’t just about cooking – Yusuf also imparts wisdom and guidance, teaching Thameenah valuable life skills that go beyond the kitchen. We also get to see the duo’s dynamic outside of the kitchen as the duo takes us along during their shopping trips and car rides.

“People will be able to relate to the show and see something of themselves or someone that they know in the show. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s honest and true to their culture,” says Saskia Hill, the director of the show.

The heart of the show lies in the relationship between father and daughter. Their bond is

palpable, and their laughter is infectious. But the best part of their dynamic is Thameenah’s shoddy Afrikaans, which is what originally gained the duo notoriety on social media. You don’t want to miss out on the culinary fun!

Watch new episodes of Ja, Daddy Kan Lekker Eet on Openview eExtra every Sunday at 18:00 from 26 May.

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